Aerospace Engineering

The United Engr. Service Group (UESG) has structured a joint working collaboration with, a selected group of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and diverse minority PE engineering firms allowing our firm to provide and deliver broader range of services to the Aerospace Industry. We view our collaborative effort, as an accomplishment and service to the public. The Management of our Aerospace Engineering consist of mechanical engineers, and Researchers with Doctoral Degrees. Our strategic collaboration provides us the capability to conduct activities in:

  • Structures – Controls and Guidance –Aerospace Systems
  • Conduct research at an approved Research Center
  • Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring- in-flight health monitoring
  • Testing to identify cracks in aircraft panel, beams

Mechanical Engineering

UESG provides the following mechanical engineering services on commercial, institutional and industrial projects: Energy analysis - Material handling - Pipe stress computer analysis
System simulation - Systems commissioning - Fire protection

We support our services with computer simulations for life-cycle cost analysis. We perform mechanical system assessments for large facilities, and master planning of mechanical systems for industrial projects. UESG helps clients minimize operational risks and optimize equipment availability by performing engineering assessments of existing, planned equipment and recommending risk-based courses of action. Our engineers and technicians are available to service our clients, and our quick response to requests for support can reduce costly downtime.

The economic impact of unreliable equipment operations can be devastating. We can assist in identifying potential trouble spots before they cause major problems, we can decrease overall expenses, prevent unscheduled failures, malfunctions and improve performance.